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Action Learning

The 'wicked' challenge

action learning

The challenges our organisations and communities face are often complex in nature and have no clear or obvious right or wrong answer. These ‘wicked’ problems* carry high levels of uncertainty and although we may try to solve them this way, they can not be solved through the application of the traditional managerial tools of rational planning.  Instead they require high levels of collaboration, experimentation and deliberate risk-taking.**

* Grint (2005) **Pedler & Abbott (2014)

Why use action learning?

The capacity of senior managers to make the best decisions to address these ‘wicked problems’ depends on the supply of good questions flowing up from those engaged in tackling the tasks, challenges and problems of the business.  As the founders of Socially Driven Action Learning we recognise the potential of the organisations’ diverse social systems to question, reflect, act, learn and innovate together.        


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We will work closely with you to help clarify your challenge and design a bespoke action learning programme to best suit your organisation’s requirements and capacity.  Our focus is always on organisational learning and we will design an approach which takes the learning from the sets into the wider organisation and community.


We develop capacity in people and organisations through helping them become facilitators of innovation and collaboration in their workplaces.   However, we do provide both introductory courses and accredited ILM Level 5 qualifications in action learning facilitation and post graduate qualifications with Leeds Beckett University. 

C-ALF are the only providers of accredited action learning facilitation training courses in the world.

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You can find out more about our accredited courses and continuous professional development programmes in the left-hand menu or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Download our full training course brochure here