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Stop Press! >> Press Release 2.2012.- Solar Explosions at Vina Santa Cruz
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Come to Viña Santa Cruz to Admire the Diverse Colours on the Sky


Santa Cruz, Valle de Colchagua, Chile.- The biggest astronomical event in 2012 will be the so called “solar explosions”, that will illuminate the skies of the planet.


The Mayans were always a wise and advanced culture for their era. That is why, even as on this year their era is finishing – the calendar of this ethnic group is finishing in the year 5.135, equivalent to 2012 as per our Gregorian system – this culture that was placed in Mexico and Guatemala, has predicted thousands of years ago that during these twelve months the world will experiment intense solar explosions.


This event happens every eleven years. It means that the sun has reached its maximum activity. Even though these explosions do not produce particles that could harm the human health, they can interfere with the communications systems. In 1989, one of the last cycles that occurred last century – these explotions left the city of Quebec in darkness.


That is why that if guests are visiting Chile, booking a solar tour in the Astronomical Centre Cerro Chamán at Viña Santa Cruz, in the Colchagua Valley, could be an unique experience. The tours are run during daytime, using the telescopes of the observatory to view the solar stains left by these explosions. Guests will also be able to see a potent register of the northern lights - the skies of intense green colours -, as those observed in Norway.


The tour starts with a gondola transfer to the top of Cerro Chamán, passing through the indigenous villages and the replica of the “Puerta del Sol” of the Tiahuanaco culture. Here guests can see the importance of the sun in this culture, the start of the summer, the start of the winter and the sun with its shades indicating these dates.

Afterwards in the meteorites room there is an informal lecture about what the sun means to human beings, the importance of the sun and the explosions that have been occurring lately.


There is a reference done to the Mayan culture and to their predictions.


Tomas Moore, one of the most renowned astronomers of Chile, who is its founder and president of the Astronomical Society in Chile, directs the observatory, located in the top of Cerro Chamán in Viña Santa Cruz.


Santa Cruz is located only two hours of the city of Santiago, and is home of one of the most comfortable luxurious hotels in Chile, Hotel Santa Cruz. Based in this hotel, guests can take interesting tours as this one, as well as wine tours, or trekking, amongst other activities.



About Hotel Santa Cruz: In the city of Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley, Hotel Santa Cruz invites you to discover the world of wine, the history and traditions of the terroir. With luxury accommodations, excellent cuisine and exceptional comfort, Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza is an excellent choice for an unforgettable stay.



About Almacruz: Almacruz manages Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, as well as Museo de Colchagua, that is located next door to the Hotel, Viña Santa Cruz, 20 miles away from the hotel and the Museum, and Hotel Galerias in downtown Santiago. For more information please visit


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